Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Gordon, 2/2/2016

I read these poems and picked my favorites to write about and here is the ones that i liked the most.


This poem from what i could tell is saying someone named Sappho is abandoning someone else. By saying “Oh, dear, dear Sappho, what awful things we must endure! Believe me, I’m leaving you against my will!” Means that the person leaving is dieing? or else what would make Sappho leave against his will? “Remember the many garlands of violets and roses I placed next to you” is that the funeral? I am not sure.

Sweet Apple
    This poem looks like a love poem to me, the “sweet apple” that are reddening at the highest branch is a women so unattainable that is “missed by the apple pickers But no, They did not miss you! They just couldn’t reach so high.” The second part of this poem is just reinforcing how unattainable that person is.


    This Poem is saying that someone have been abandoned by their virginity, but to me it looks like the real thing that they have lost is their innocents. Maybe even child innocents how they don't know where it has gone and how they are never getting it back.

The sky
This poem is short so  i will copy it here. “I don’t think I can touch the sky with my hands.” I can imagine what's going on in his head during the creation of this poem. When you see something that you feel like you could never obtain or you could never achieve, you compare it to the sky and by saying you don't see your hands touching the sky he is hinting that something is really hard to achieve and he doesn't think he can personally do it.

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